United States-English Political Dictionary

by Robert Buchanan

United States English
Affirmative Action institutional racism
anti-semitism anti-Zionism
banking executive white-collar thief
classical liberal liberal, libertarian
community organizer rabble-rouser
conservative neoconservative
economic growth inflation
first-, second-wave feminism feminism
felon private drug dealer
feminism, third-wave feminism gendered greed, misandry
free trade agreement national outsourcing
global peacekeeping (United States, NATO) imperialism
imperialism (nations unaffiliated with NATO) imperialism, irredentism
isolationism non-interventionism
journalist corporate propagandist
(elective) late-term/partial-birth abortion infanticide
liberal leftist
lobbyist political pimp
Marxist socialist
misogyny ribaldry
paleoconservative conservative
pedophilia ephebophilia, pedophilia
pharmaceutical firm corporate drug dealer
War on Drugs curtailment of civil and personal rights, malfeasance
War on Poverty electoral emption, wealth redistribution
War on Terror curtailment of civil and personal rights, perpetual war
2016 Robert Buchanan

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