Prom Night IV: Deliver Us from Evil (1991)

Directed by Clay Borris
Written by Richard Beattie
Produced by Ray Sager, Peter R. Simpson
Starring Nicole de Boer, J.H. Wyman, Joy Tanner, Alle Ghadban, James Carver, Brock Simpson, Fab Filippo, Kenneth McGregor, Krista Bulmer, Phil Morrison, Colin D. Simpson, Bill Jay, Deni DeLory

So incensed is a diabolically preserved, stigmatic, meshuga monk (Carver) by inveterate hanky-panky that after escaping from a church’s dungeon where he’s been immured for decades, he must terrorize two couples (De Boer, Wyman; Tanner, Ghadban) who’ve forgone their senior prom for a libidinous weekend at a luxe, renovated summer house, which was once his monastery. Marginal mediocrity raises above anterior duds (from a shoddy series of valedictory slashers) this third, snowy sequel, which Borris sillily invigorated with a running zoom, sweeping pans, and Dutch angles. All of the unconvincingly pseudo-adolescent vicenarians play pleasingly: Canadian screen staple De Boer is charmfully chaste to offset butterfaced Tanner’s sluttish schoolfriend, while Wyman and Ghadban tickle as their lunkily hunky beaus. By sulky manduction of scenery, Carver stalks, slays, and crank calls in observance of a strangely sanguineous scriptural interpretation. Are you seeking a gory, agreeably cheesy B-horror to watch during a wintry evening? Look no further, and expect no meaning.

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