Some Voices (2000)

Directed by Simon Cellan Jones
Written by Joe Penhall
Produced by Damian Jones, Graham Broadbent
Starring Daniel Craig, Kelly Macdonald, David Morrissey, Julie Graham, Peter McDonald

Solid theatricals and David Odd’s vibrant cinematography buoy these 101 adequate minutes concerning an irresponsible, mischievous schizophrenic (Craig), whose denial of his medications provokes shadowy symptoms straining both his flowering romance with a cute, gravid Glaswegian (Macdonald), and cohabitation with and employment by his brother (Morrissey), chef and traiteur of a small eatery in west London. Neither particularly prosaic nor profound is Penhall’s picture of schizophrenia, but his story is agreeable, even if he can’t severalize his cute from cutesy vignettes. This is vital viewing for none save fans of its stars, who’ll sate their expectations. It may be confused with Strange Voices, another treatment of the same psychopathology.

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