Psycho Brother In-Law (A.K.A. Blood Brothers) (2017)

Directed by Jose Montesinos
Written by Jose Montesinos, Delondra Mesa
Produced by Kristopher Wynne, David Michael Latt, Paul Bales, David Rimawi
Starring Brittany Falardeau, Zack Gold, Mike Duff, Megan Ashley Brown, Samantha Bowling, Billy Meade, Lanett Tachel, Mitch McCoy, Marc Herrmann, Elaina Garrity, Jordan Morgan

Any assumption that a psycho-thriller produced by The Asylum and distributed by Lifetime might be pleasingly preposterous pulp is reasonable but wrong; director/editor/co-screenwriter Montesinos doles out stinted suspense in his soapy crime drama, which may not even appease the average post-menopausal swiller of plonk. To the coastal home of an ergocentric tech entrepreneur (Duff) comes his bananas baby brother (Gold), who charms his neglected sister-in-law (Falardeau) and nerdy niece (Brown) before they cognize their insinuated, avuncular visitant’s history of and capacity for deadly violence. Aside from a few incidents of such, some foreshadowing innuendo, and a well-tiled, balneal set, this concatenation of clichés is as timeworn as tiring, and inhabited by players who don’t mind their motions. Tachel’s presence as a detective satisfies gendered and racial quotas while eroding plausibility. Is this movie’s somniferous efficacy when taken with wine intended? Probably.

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