Christmas Wedding Planner (2017)

Directed by Justin G. Dyck
Written by Stacy Connelly, Keith Cooper, Rebecca Lamarche
Produced by Patrick McBrearty, Stan Hum, Beth Stevenson
Starring Jocelyn Hudon, Stephen Huszar, Kelly Rutherford, Eric Hicks, Rebecca Dalton, Joey Fatone, Taylor David, Melinda Shankar, Meghan Heffern, Ted Atherton, Celeste Desjardins, Joseph Cannata, Mélanie St-Pierre, Severn Thompson, David Jack, Hattie Kragten

Somehow, the duties of one cute, cutesily chafing planner (Hudon) employed by her adoptive aunt (Rutherford) to oversee the forthcoming nuptials of her cousin (Dalton) implicate surveillance of the suspiciously rat-faced bridegroom (Hicks) with the bride’s ex-boyfriend, an oafishly good-looking private investigator (Huszar). Predictably contrived conflict, asides, and romance ensue. Before the fatuous influence of Gilmore Girls and Joss Whedon’s precious dreck contaminated the comportment of characters in genre pap, festal froth like this wasn’t so aggravatingly hyperacted by chirping, canting, piping, prating players who gibber unpalatably witless quips and stale raillery, plastered with makeup and rigged out in unseasonably ill-tailored apparel on sets resembling showrooms. Hudon’s almost as pretty as peeving playing the purblind protagonist of Connelly’s adapted Harlequin novel Once Upon A Wedding, which teases its readers with a secret that only a dumb child couldn’t guess. You aren’t a dumb child, are you?

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