Bogus (1996)

Directed by Norman Jewison
Written by Jeff Rothberg, Francis X. McCarthy, Alvin Sargent
Produced by Jeff Rothberg, Arnon Milchan, Norman Jewison, Michael Jewison, Gayle Fraser-Baigelman, Patrick Markey, Michael G. Nathanson
Starring Haley Joel Osment, Whoopi Goldberg, Gerard Depardieu, Andrea Martin, Denis Mercier, Nancy Travis, Kevin Jackson, Ute Lemper, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Barbara Hamilton, Elizabeth Harpur, Richard Portnow, Don Francks

Zoom comes the automotive crash that kills a magician’s assistant and single mom (Travis), whose will commends to the custody of her whilom foster sister, an unmotherly wholesaler (Goldberg), her impolite, prestidigitating son (Osment), whose occasionally dangerous schizophrenic episodes materialize a hulking, Gallic, imaginary friend (Depardieu) dispensing sensible, ignored advice. Jewison’s requisite kiddieshit in the ’90s is a handsome, mushy, pointless, plotless picture that treads water in a succession of stodgy, stock situations concerning a brat’s fantastic delinquency, a few of which are as asinine as Depardieu’s slouchy, affected waddle. Co-author and producer Rothberg squandered, laundered, or sheltered Warner Brothers’s money by financing a production that’s perfect for kids who delight in crushing tedium.

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