Egregious Ideas: “Generation whY”

The book’s complete title will be Generation whY: Plumbing the Enigmas, Pathologies and Catastrophies of Millennial Sociopolitical, Socioeconomic and Mental Retardation. Much of it will be penned in a deliberately inane, outraged, beleaguered, ultimately fatuous manner to ensure that I can juice some of those succulent, residual Boomerbux scooped from dwindling 401(k)s by provoking smug satisfaction (the graying cohort’s summum bonum), as though they didn’t literally and figuratively beget this country’s worst generational joke.

Author: rbuchanan

I'm an author, lexicographer, cacophonist, ailurophile, bibliophile, cinephile, logophile, inveterate aggregator, dedicated middlebrow, incontestable babe, borderline narcissist, weirdly semi-Mediterranean Native American, and alliterative anastrophe addict. My personality type is superlative INTJ.

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