Of Copyright and Corporations

My initial arguments in address of Lolwut’s article, Why I Prefer Permissive Licenses to Copyleft:

The following is my response to his:

Regarding your first comment, again, I don’t believe that this is a sensible definition of liberty/freedom. Any definition of liberty/freedom that argues for more rules and restrictions should be highly suspect, because liberty/freedom is defined as the absence of restrictions.

No: freedom is an absence of restriction, in whatever context; political liberty is freedom from undue, despotic or oppressive constraint. Actual liberty can’t be established or sustained without rules and a measure (if only a soupcon) of order. The only alternative is anarchy, from which liberty never eventuates.

There are several arguments against copyright, libertarian and non-libertarian. The particular libertarian argument against copyright to which I subscribe can be summarized as follows:

1. The only legitimate function of government (and its laws) is the protection of individual rights.

I haven’t believed that since I was a Libertarian myself. For one looming counterexample, all of the greatest public works such as the Autobahn, the United States’ Interstate Highway System, and innumerable others throughout the developed world couldn’t be developed and executed by private enterprise — not because companies were technically unable to do so, but because the outlay necessitated in relation to potential profit (whenever any) simply made such propositions wholly impracticable. Obviously, private enterprise should and has been contracted in numerous and limited capacities to realize such projects, but only a national government can ably administer and fund them. For that matter, would we be communicating as we are if telecommunications had been left to the likes of AT&T and Bell, the Defense Department had never developed ARPANET, and the National Science Foundation Network and numerous conjoint governmental agencies hadn’t expanded its ambit globally? Dream on.

2. Copyright is not actually an individual right, but rather simply a legal invention/tool intended and designed to promote the production of creative works.

That’s incorrect. Copyright is a legal instrument intended to protect intellectual property for a specified span. To quote the Copyright Act of 1790, it’s intended to secure one’s “sole right and liberty of printing, reprinting, publishing and vending” so “to promote the progress of science and useful arts.” Surely you understand that profit is, though not the soul of craft or art itself, among the the principle inducements to human advancement?

3. Therefore, all copyright laws are illegitimate.

I can’t find any more legitimacy in your syllogism’s premises than in this deduction. Outside of China, copyright is a foundational requisite of civil law in every civilized country.

(1) is accepted by libertarians, or at least minarchists;

Since when? Prior to a lustrum ago, I never met a Libertarian who espoused this codswallop, itself thitherto a delusion exclusive to Marxists.

(2) is far more obvious, and is mostly contested by the large media companies who have a serious financial interest in justifying copyright as some sort of “natural right”.

No, the Founding Fathers and their British antecedents justified copyright as a means to defend certain natural rights. If you were familiar with the history of copyright over the past semicentury, you’d observe that corporations meditate only to expand and distort legislation pertaining to copyright for wrongful gain.

This is assuming, of course, that copyright even works as it was intended to — there are arguments even denying its effectiveness,

Which? In my experience, most rulings in civil courts regarding copyright claims tend to be just.

and asserting that more innovation and creative works would arise if copyright were either greatly weakened or altogether abolished.

I’ve read this incredibly jejune theory before, and can adduce sprawling instances to explode it. In the second half of the twentieth century, when industrial, erudite and popular arts flourished as never before or since in modernity throughout the developed world, copyright was sedulously and aggressively defended in thousands of high-profile civil cases from Topeka to Tokyo. Nota bene: in every robust and genuinely sophisticated entertainment industry (notably those of Austria, Korea, Italy, Japan, etc.), creative firms and figures alike judiciously exercise copyright to protect their fruits of afflatus and labor. Note that this hasn’t stopped anyone from quoting or otherwise incoporating the work of others into their own by reasonable means.

If you don’t participate, you wouldn’t know. That hypothetical kiddieshit applies primarily to software or liberal arts within limited partnerships. Moreover, how the shit is anybody advancing innovation by effectively legalizing plagiarism?

However, I don’t even rely on those here, and instead contend simply that protecting copyright is not a legitimate function of government, regardless of its actual benefits.

Would you propose an alternative?

This doesn’t mean that I don’t value creative works; it simply means that I oppose using the law and the government to promote their production, however good this may be, because I believe that using the government in such a fashion oversteps its proper function. We can certainly establish private organizations and institutions to promote innovation and creativity, and thereby assist artists in making a living, but I don’t believe we can legitimately use the government to accomplish this.

I agree that government shouldn’t ordinarily promote the production of art or entertainment, but that’s hardly the intent or function of copyright. I hold nearly 40 such registrations, but recieve no endorsement or subvention from government whatsoever.

Also, I don’t know why you mention plagiarism, because it is a distinct thing from copyright infringement, and could occur with or without the presence of copyright law.

Plagiarism of a copyrighted work constitutes copyright infingement; ergo, copyright is the only reliable means by which plagiarism may be prosecuted under civil law. This isn’t difficult.

I don’t think copyright infringement should be illegal, but I never stated that I condoned or was indifferent to plagiarism; I disapprove of it probably as much as you do.

How, then, would you contend with it?

My point in regard to the GPL was not that it is long by absolute standards, but that it is far, far longer than many permissive licenses. It’s true that greater detail/more words are required to cover the “circumstantial eventualities and niceties” you mention, but such things are only more likely to materialize with copyleft licenses precisely because those licenses included more conditions than permissive licenses in the first place — in other words, the copyleft licenses created their own problems, and consequently needed to add more detail/words to cover up the holes they had dug themselves. Perhaps some of the permissive licenses are too short and vague, but even if they were clarified and thus lengthened, I doubt that they would be longer than a typical copyleft license, simply because they have fewer conditions.

So? Length doesn’t necessarily constitute verbiage, which is defined conditionally. I haven’t read the GPL in toto for years, but I don’t recall in it any superfluity.

I like Microsoft’s products for nostalgia reasons, and I greatly admire Bill Gates for his technical skill and knowledge, but this doesn’t mean that I agree with everything they do — in particular, I strongly disagree with the latter’s views concerning copyright. I may use Microsoft products, but this doesn’t mean I condone their licensing decisions — I put it on a scale with other things, and it simply turns out that other unrelated considerations (e.g. nostalgia) outweigh my objections to their licensing.

Withal, your use of their products is still tacit consent to their policies at a time when Microsoft and Apple rightly represent the worst that proprietary software vendors have to offer. By contrast, my use of FreeBSD and a majority of FOSS along with some proprietary software (icons of OS/2, DOOM2.WAD, numerous programs of DOS and Win32 via DOSBox and WINE) isn’t merely predicated on my partiality for the OS and all that subordinate software, which is undeniable. I also believe very strongly in FOSS as the only means by which freedom of use and dissemination can be sustained. However you may choose to present yourself, nobody can really believe the talk if you don’t walk the walk.

Besides, WINE exists.

I also never stated that the copylefters were hypocrites merely for using/consuming proprietary works made by other people; I called them hypocrites because they claim to defend freedom, yet don’t apply the freest licenses to their own works, with some of them also opposing copyright but still participating in that system by using copyleft. I may use Microsoft products, but when it comes to my own works, I always release under an extremely permissive license.

This may seem paradoxical to you, but they are defending freedom by preventing others from fettering it. As the authors of their respective or collective works, they have every moral right to do so. Legality proceeds from this premise.

I strongly despise the current abuse of copyright law by corporations;

So do I; their efforts to curtail fair use and application or personal, noncommercial dissemination of purchased copies are especially egregious. No sensible advocate of copyright supports that.

however, I don’t hate corporations themselves simply because they are corporations — this is nothing but a tired, whining attitude of teenage progressives.

Agreed, but progressives are their target demographics nowadays, they conduct themselves accordingly, and that’s why a majority of multinationals are so loathed by people of every political stripe, save perennially clueless Libertarians and Boomercons, and complicit politicians. Haven’t you noticed that most wealthy corporations — indeed, the vast majority of those listed in the Fortune 500 — support legislation and politicos who push every far-left agenda from transmania to Critical Race Theory? Has their expensive and systematic support for the gradual erosion of individual rights to free expression, self-defense, enterprise and association produced even a blip on your radar? Have you observed even the slightest symptoms of social disintegration due to open borders so that corporations can exploit more cheap labor and both wings of the uniparty can gull potential voters who aren’t yet acculturated? People hate corporations because they they’re as much a vehicle for progressivism as any post-Marxist NGO or neo-Bolshevik academic crank. Last year, hundreds of prominent corporations supported a black identity terrorist organization, for christ’s sake. Get with it.

Abolition of copyright at once solves the issue of abuse, which I think you will agree will be a good thing;

Not at all, when sensible reform can do likewise without depriving people of their legal protections. Can you understand that millions of individuals partially rely on copyright for their livelihood and artistic recognition?

I assume here that it will also make it more difficult for individuals to make a living from creative works and thus reduce the quantity of such works (though some opponents of copyright, like I said earlier, will dispute this), which is a bad thing,

Yeah, that would minimize, if not eliminate an entire sector of the economy and culture to satisfy the consummation of an extreme and otiose principle. Why, exactly?

but my libertarian principles preclude me from supporting the use of the government and the law even to promote something good, because this is outside the scope of its legitimate role.

Only a minority of Libertarians share this opinion, and not one Libertarian party worldwide espouses it. If you can’t avow the legitimacy of intellectual property and agree to its legal defense, your propositions pertaining to any proprietorship are in effect and essence, if not intent, those of Marx and his apologists, and they commend the same consequences: disenfranchisement and depredation by governmental neglect. That’s a retrograde aim in the worst way. Now, is this actually Libertarianism, or is it millennialism/zoomerism?

Purging sense with DadaDodo #1

Here are some highlights from DadaDodo‘s permutation of the most recent Week That Perished by David Cole, et al.:

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Haunting, eh? The fever dream peaks from line 172 through line 259:

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I’m still shaken by these revelations, which I hope aren’t legally actionable. Gysin and Burroughs were right.

My Moral Code

  1. Do not commit wanton aggression against another or others.
    1. Do not murder.
      • Neither abort any fetus in which neural oscillations may be detected.
    2. Do not rape.
    3. Do not enslave or otherwise subjugate.
    4. Do not assault another or others in a manner unprovoked.
  2. Do not steal or plagiarize.
    • Neither abstract by usury; in lending, do not exact a rate of interest exceeding 4%.
  3. Do not malign another or others.
  4. Do not abet another or others in the commission of these malefactions.
  5. Relay to your children this, and all that you know and cherish.

This list is subject to revision for awhile. If I missed anything, notify me with a comment…

Egregious Ideas: “Generation whY”

The book’s complete title will be Generation whY: Plumbing the Enigmas, Pathologies and Catastrophies of Millennial Sociopolitical, Socioeconomic and Mental Retardation. Much of it will be penned in a deliberately inane, outraged, beleaguered, ultimately fatuous manner to ensure that I can juice some of those succulent, residual Boomerbux scooped from dwindling 401(k)s by provoking smug satisfaction (the graying cohort’s summum bonum), as though they didn’t literally and figuratively beget this country’s worst generational joke.

On My PCs, IceWM and ROX-Filer Inherit Some of OS/2’s Cosmetic Artifacts

Something I’ve never needed is a desktop environment. So long as I’ve a solid window manager with a configurable menu (in my instance, IceWM) and some good file managers (Midnight Commander, PCManFM, ROX-Filer, CLEX, Personal File Manager, etc.), I’ve entirely obviated bloated desktops like GNOME and KDE that would afford me no desirable features in exchange for the robust requirements that they hardly deserve.

In nostalgic retrospect, I regard OS/2 very much as the average septuagenarian veteran of the KGB does the Soviet Union: very fondly, but after 18+ instructive years with Debian and two glorious (if occasionally challenging) years of FreeBSD, I neither want nor need it. However, I do miss the old Presentation Manager’s fun, flexible desktop, which I always preferred to that of Windows 9x/XP/Vista (which I also liked, anyhow). Recently, I interjected a large tranche of icons from OS/2 2.0, 2.1 and Warp 3 to my collection of homemade icons. Their generation entailed the application of Pinta to meticulously crop and position each icon from lossless screenshots of the OS/2 desktop at 32×32 pixels, add transparency, and save each as a Windows icon (though maybe they should be PNGs). (Among the many editors of raster graphics I’ve used, Pinta’s by far the best suited to edit icons.) These enjoyed a modestly positive reception on Neocities, but they were created primarily for selfish purposes…and to conduce relaxation during a spell of cold and insomnia.

The aforementioned ROX-Filer is a good file manager, but a far better shell for starting programs and accessing their documentation — like Windows 3’s Program Manager if it weren’t clunky and heinous. To this end, I produced a comprehensive selection of symbolic links and scripts that launch the totality of my regularly used programs, which are organized by categories and suites in directories navigated by ROX-Filer. By assigning native icons and those of OS/2 2.x (for many programs that haven’t any), I’ve created an interface that’s as easy and fun for quotidian utility as PM was back in the ’90s (it’s actually much more so, but I refuse to accept that). Here’s the root window of launch:

If your first thought was, “Hey it’s the PM!” then I’m sorry to disappoint you! (I hope I didn’t scare you. ;D) OS/2’s icons for folders are employed extensively to image these directories. In launch, the folders for Multimedia, Scheduled Tasks and Dial-up Networking respectively represent the directories for: audio mixers and audio/video players & editors; clocks; chat clients, Mutt, and web browsers. LibreOffice is accorded its own famous icon, while a folder containing a suite of programs from FreeBSD base sports my modified OS/2 System icon.

Here, the audio mixers example much of what you’ll see in later and larger directories. AlsaMixer’s been set with ROX-Filer’s default icon for executable scripts (which I quite like), aumix has its own, and the fantastic Umix has been granted OS/2’s cute little volume control icon.

In audio-video players+editors, we’ve a spicier selection! Herrie and MOC are uniform foils for all these colorful icons.

Meanwhile, WinFF and its PDF manual keep company beneath…

These calculators look nice! The excellent, textual bc is represented by the icon of OS/2’s calculator. Like most of the x11-apps, X11’s calculator sports its iconic logotype. ConvertAll boasts a colorful icon; its ReadMe file, like most of the documentation formatted in HTML, is displayed via Dillo.

Terminal programs that terminate after printing to standard output are launched via scripts in xterm with its hold resource enabled. FreeBSD’s cal and ncal programs function well here, demonstrating how I can implement as many flags of a terminal emulator and the program it’s running as I need. To my delight, Day Planner’s been assigned OS/2’s icon of its Daily Planner, and XCalendar that of its Calendar. Perfect! Like many more instances that you’ll observe, calcurse’s documentation is reached directly though a symlink to its documentation’s folder, where HTML and plain textual files can be browsed freely and flexibly.

ircII can be launched to visit my two favorite servers (when DALnet isn’t barring me for god knows what). Also, LostIRC is just adorable. Subjacent WeeChat’s exhaustive, multilingual documentation is now just a click away…

I’ve a few timepieces here. That Alarm Clock with a distinctively GTK flavor, cairo-clock, and the X11 clocks all have their own icons, but dclock’s been treated to OS/2’s alarms icon, as it has an alarm function. The rest are all decorated with ROX’s defaults. As you may have noticed, most programs requiring X11 are linked, while those launched through a terminal emulator and/or with options enabled are started via scripts. In hindsight, I really should’ve bestowed scripts to launch everything, and won’t be adding new symlinks in the future…

Not too many surprises can be observed among the databases, datal visualizers, documental viewers and file managers, except that PCManFM was granted the icon of OS/2’s funky, clunky file manager.

Among those of Unix-likes, FreeBSD’s base system is the best and leanest known to me. These are all great programs, more comfortably available than ever. Furthermore, the *-freebsd-doc packages constitute the most comprehensive, superlative documentation for any software that I’ve ever read; its handbook alone has helped me to surmount more snags and other obstacles than I can recall. This superabundance of articles and books used to be indexed in my IceWM submenus (and is still so available on some of my machines in pdmenu and ELinks); now its entirety (HTML, PDF, text, images and all) is directly accessed in ROX via launch and IceWM.

Welcome to the arcade. You little assholes won’t find Call of Duty, The Last of Us, Overwatch or any other bloated, humdrum kiddie shit here, so shut your faces.

I haven’t much to relate regarding these, except that documentation for Alizarin Tetris and Avanor was never so easy to check, and that Kirk Baucom really should acknowledge TextMaze, because it’s a great little game.

I’ve enjoyed variations of the bsdgames suite for years; they’re all superb games, and a few of them are cataloged among my favorites. Here, scripting enables me to play these with all of the customized options I prefer, in a variety of terminal emulators suited for different requirements.

These require no explanation. Henzell is our 7th greatest living Australian.

This is another set for which scripting really shines, because lord knows just how much is specified on the command line for DOOM II. To create the PRBoom+ scripts, I just copied those of PRBoom into the PRBoom+ directory, opened them all at once and subjoined the command’s “-plus” in each. I created that icon for Chex Quest when I played it via Chocolate Doom in Windows XP years ago.

The Jargon File is a great read, especially if you’re browsing it during a rainy day. Its anthropology and lore of hackers is as funny as accurate (for its time), and relatable for analogous geeks.

You’ll notice that I’m determined to group suites (regardless of whether some or all of their contents are categorized elsewhere), because I prefer them to be uniformly available, and to give credit where it’s due.

These nekos and Trons are of a different matter. I love the former as it reminds me of the few good things introduced on Macintoshes (which were inevitably improved elsewhere), and the latter because these are great games that remind me of what a wonderful mistake Tron was: a Disney-grade budget was expended to produce a juvenile classic with minimal executive or productional oversight.

Note the contradistinctions…obviously, all those options couldn’t be specified with symlinks…

You’ve seen most of this GNUish stuff elsewhere, but suites are almost as useful as categories when my memory’s reflexively fickle…

You get the idea. New Breed’s Tux Paint and several GNU projects are also here.

LibreOffice‘s icons always look spiffy.

Some programs of my farrago are used far more frequently than others.

If I’ve initiated this project for anything at all, it was to launch instances of Mutt daily to access my accounts. One couldn’t hope to do this so readily with a menu.

I only employ two of his programs nowadays, but I do so constantly because they’re indispensable. For both his accomplishments and advocacy for sensible technology, Hon Jen Yee is a hero.

I’m not a programmer so I seldom use these, but…

I utilize tcsh and bash daily, but these are all great shells for different purposes. Note the copies of FreeBSD’s and GNU’s contributions.

When I assigned OS/2’s old windowed DOS icon to DOSBox, my heart leapt with joy. Why do I love this so much?
If you’re wondering why xvt and urxvt share rxvt‘s icon, the answer is simple: the icon’s bundled with xvt in FreeBSD’s package, and for whatever reason, FreeBSD’s xvt seems to actually be rxvt. Here’s a somewhat familiar excerpt from the credits of its man page:

       Rob Nation 
              very heavily modified Xvt and came up with xvt

In Linux distributions, that line always reads, “very heavily modified Xvt and came up with Rxvt.” Withal, Nation’s rclock is usually bundled with rxvt, but instead available in its own package on FreeBSD. Weird!

I’m the only person of whom I know who calls these what they are: textual collators. “Data comparison tool” isn’t too bad, but “word difference finder” inanely rolls off the tongue like a cinder block.

Without these magnificent instruments, how would I compile countless hyponyms for disreputable modes of sorcery, or explain why Kenneth Branagh and Sophia Takal deserve to be murdered, then framed for a suicidal pact? Textual editors are as much a sine qua non of my life as are rubes for politicos and pundits. Herein, scripts are vital to launch whichever terminal emulators best suit the editors in question, and to set their working directories accordingly. The icon of OS/2 2.0’s System Editor is here given to ASEDIT, which unmistakably resembles it; Cooledit and fte are bestowed with icons of the Enhanced Editor from 2.0 and 2.1. I don’t know if the logo used in The Hessling Editor’s exhaustive HTML reference was intended to double as an icon, but now it does.

Yes, I use the Dial-up folders’ icon for all directories of user agents/clients/etc.

My homemade documental pixmap was applied for Ted’s documentation, which is demonstratively, fittingly formatted as Rich Text.

Finally, most of the x11-apps are as uniformly presented as their flat UI, back when it was appealingly designed.

This entire project is still underway, and subject to extensive change. More icons (including OS/2’s numerous graphics representing documentation) and programs will be added, and I expect that many symlinks will be supplanted with scripts to ensure greater stability and more options. Next year, I’ll post about all of the updates I’ve implemented since first documenting this endeavor.

Some personal and political metrics

These are my IPIP Big-Five Factor Markers, as calculated by the Open-Source Psychometrics Project’s Big Five Personality Test, which I took in full sincerity:

Neither was I surprised. Here are my results from the crude, obsolescent, yet generally accurate Political Compass:

Economic Left/Right: -3.13
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -1.49

When last I took this, my social score was 0. That variance probably reflects my waxing antipathy for most politicized people. Don’t worry; I’m still the same carping misanthrope who abominates baizuo because he’s internalizing white supremacy!

Egregious ideas: Spock’s Funeral (redux)

I almost can’t believe that I haven’t yet seen footage of a fat Trekkie reciting Kirk’s eulogy for Spock (from Wrath of Khan‘s conclusion) at the funeral of a friend, parent or other relative, perhaps as a segment in a cringe compilation.

That I haven’t located it means nothing.

You might be a contemporary, Anglophone conservative if…

  • …you’re still a member of the Republican party.
  • …you’re more concerned with decorum than policy.
  • …you can read National Review without laughing or groaning.
  • …you’re actually subscribed to National Review.
  • …you attended CPAC and weren’t ejected for politically incorrect heresy.
  • …you honestly believe that baizuo and other progressives are just confused people who might someday be suaded with that hitherto unheralded, apropos dialectic or rhetoric.
  • …you donate to the NRA in exchange for tacky swag cheaply manufactured in China and zero resistance to the curtailment of one’s right to bear arms.
  • …you sent your daughter to college.
  • …you’ve actually voiced a platitude that contained the phrase, “we all bleed red” or “diversity is our strength.”
  • …you’re still calling leftists (including progressives) “liberals” decades after all genuine left-wing liberals were hounded to political fringes.
  • …you’ve convinced yourself that fandom for coddled, moronic, violent felons outfitted with plastic armor and televised when they throw a ball across a field is vital to the preservation of cultural masculinity.
  • …you honestly believe that any of the wars in which the United States participated in the past 120 years weren’t disastrous wastes of life and materiel, the immediate corollaries and repercussions of which alike redounded to that nation’s disrepute and downfall.
  • …you privately complain about welfare, yet never contemplate the pecuniary black holes of every American war and occupation.
  • …you were convinced that Muslims half a world away hated Americans “for our freedoms,” but have never dared to utter dissent against cartoonishly censorial, defamatory organizations such the ADL.
  • …you treasure and seek to preserve the values and existence of a tiny, belligerent, parasitic ethnostate in west Asia that brutally enforces apartheid, and whose diasporic proxies actively, overtly lobby to outlaw and eventually extinguish your own.
  • …you know that a single Republican candidate anywhere will capture the majority of a black vote any day now.
  • …you actually believe that “hate speech” exists.
  • …you’ve never considered that expenditure and taxation should be slashed pro rata.
  • …you imagine that police would necessarily protect you if they could.
  • …you’re still wondering why Cubans, Mexicans and Puerto Ricans haven’t equivalent electoral preferences, because Latinos and their cultures must be fungible.
  • …you refer to the Democratic Party as a contemporary “plantation” for black voters for its exchange of welfare benefits for votes, yet never once consider how the tax donkeys who reliably vote for Republicans in exchange for nothing far more aptly fit this analogy.
  • …you laugh at Marxists for refusing in perpetuity to acknowledge the ideological constant of every calamitous Communist state, while never noticing the obvious comparison between Marxism’s and conservatism’s centenary traditions of failure.
  • …you’re certain that anyone opposed to free markets and open borders is a “Communist” or a “Fascist.”
  • …you imagine that Russia’s present government seeks reprisals for the collapse of the Soviet Union.
  • …you’re concerned that Russia’s influencing American elections, without a single thought regarding AIPAC, the Open Society Foundations, etc.
  • …you’re still upset that your Twitter account was deleted, and don’t know what to do.
  • …you celebrate the life and exploits of an obese, plagiaristic, whoremongering black dissident who promoted reparations for slavery as much as any other Communist.
  • …you’re terrified that somebody, somewhere believes or has alleged that you’re racist.
  • …you’ve gradually adopted nearly every radical, egalitarian, leftist premise expounded over the past century.
  • …your every other action is an expression of cupidity or hypocrisy.

Feel free to submit a few hallmarks of this stereotype…!

How (and How Not) to Curb Abusive Javabloat

One of many reasons why abuse of JavaScript has become as planted as pernicious is an oddly common inability to properly appraise and endorse solutions to this godforsaken trend. In an article he contributed to Brainleaf, Ben Shepardson reveals that his heart is nearly in the right place, but he’s stymied by his lockstep conformity to the hateful conventions established and perpetrated by horrible industries.

“In a world where UX is king, it’s curious to note that slow-loading websites are still a growing problem. Sadly, our benchmarks for what’s acceptable increase every year as we inch ever upwards towards larger and heavier sites.”

This is incontestable, and though the “our” and “we” never apply to me, websites of governments, small businesses and individuals are often as bloated and ugly as those of corporations.

“Yesterday’s bloated monster of a slow-loading behemoth at 1 megabyte becomes today’s sleek and light example of what to aim for. Back in the day, 100 KB was considered too big.

When I accessed sites at 56K in the mid-’90s, I didn’t adjudge 100K as excessive. Does “back in the day” denote the mid- to late-’80s, when images and audio uploaded to FTP servers and BBSs occasionally exceeded this length?

Today’s Tweets are heavier than yesteryear’s web pages.”

Microblogging is an inherently inferior concept worsened by the coded obesity characterizing nearly every site that provides such a service. At a fraction of their size, most message boards provide their users with far more flexibility and freedom than Twitter, Gab, Tencent Weibo, Plurk, Parler, Facebook, etc. Mastodon is a notable exception to this trend, but it was founded and it’s almost entirely administered by psychotically hypersensitive baizuo who practice ideological censorship as a lifestyle (and probably hate women).

“Of course, we have Moore’s Law to thank for ever-increasing web capabilities. Modern hardware and internet infrastructure can handle an entire galaxy’s worth of extra data transfer. But, like ever-expanding suburbs and the highways that connect them, extra capacity soon gets filled up as we expand in every direction.”

Avarice, stupidity and mundane incompetence is as responsible for this trend as expanded and advancing usage…

“Needless to say, any developer caught ignoring the principles of UX and unleashing megaton websites on the browsing public should take a serious look inwards. It’s simply bad form.”

Obviously, this is because no such principles or protocol thereof have ever been widely or formally acknowledged, much less observed by the vast majority of web designers.

“There are now layman’s tools for helping solve bloat on your own website, even when your web developer has sold you a heavy behemoth. Anyone can lighten up their own load by using code minifiers and image-handling techniques.”

Alternatively, they can actually solve rather than merely mitigate problems by demanding more HTML, CSS, PHP, et cetera, and less JavaScript.

“But this isn’t about tidying up your white space or decreasing pixels in your image carousel. This is about unwanted (read: unnecessary) javascript functionalities that are crashing websites, left and right.”

More trouble’s suffered from crashed and frozen browsers than sites.

“JavaScript is not to blame: unnecessary and therefore unwanted functionalities are the real culprit here.”

Those functionalities are but symptoms of this matter’s actual problem: excessive use of JavaScript to perform functions that are more efficiently executed via HTML, CSS, and other languages.

“No matter who you are – user or developer – you probably love JavaScript. It makes the Web what we need it to be today: fulfilling and dynamic, personalized and fun.”

No, it doesn’t. It can conduce to such qualities in moderate application, but notwithstanding its ubiquity, it’s obviously as demonstrably unnecessary for frolic as for utility.

“Nobody wants to go back to the days when all we had to work with was HTML.”

When was that?! It certainly wasn’t when Internet became popular. PHP and JavaScript were introduced contemporaneously in 1995; the W3C published CSS 1 a year later.

“Without dynamicity, that world would appear sad and flat to today’s users.”

One can intuit so much about a person by cursory observation of their diction and lexicon, and especially neologisms so encompassed in the latter. Dynamism can be a circumstantial virtue; “dynamicity” smacks of moronic corporate attempts to further befoul our living language.

“And marketers? They’d be completely lost without being able to serve up those highly-targeted ads we’ve all come to expect when we browse the web.”

Imagine that you’re in attendance at some soiree or other, and some drone burdened with a retreating hairline, micropenis and IQ of 95 opines from across the dinner table, “To be fair, industries really need to consider the needs of marketing departments when we design and test products and services, because that benefits consumers.” You’d be morally, if not legally justified to rise from your seat in a fit of pique, circumambulate that table and break his stupid face.

Hey, asshole: nearly everyone possessing an IQ above room temperature dreads rather than expects embedded advertisements, highly-targeted and otherwise. You can’t credibly shill JavaScript by promoting solutions when you support the problems that it enables.

“We couldn’t even eradicate JavaScript from the Web if we wanted to.”

We probably could, though that’s hardly desirable. After all, some other language will eventually supersede it.

“It is now a fundamental building block of the web. Almost every browser supports it, and almost every website uses it. Increasingly, mobile and app development are forever entwined with JavaScript as well.”

It’s no such thing, and the notion that JavaScript is fundamental, much less indispensable for its omnipresence is at best specious.

“Plus, we have derivatives like the jQuery library and Node.js (which takes JavaScript to the server side). Both are further evidence that JavaScript is here to stay.”

This is naive; present popularity is no reliable indicator of future preponderance. Incidentally, I freely concede that the development and adoption of jQuery is largely a tremendous boon.

These consecutive, contradictory statements are essentially a caveat for proofreading:

“JavaScript is, however, responsible for some of the weight gain of today’s websites.

“It’s not JavaScript itself to blame for the extra weight, but rather the way it’s being used.”

That latter declaration is true, but…

“In short, many of the functionalities of JavaScript can be handled in different ways, thereby lightening the load across the board for all kinds of websites.”

If “handled in different ways” connoted a decrement of implemented JavaScript, I might agree.

“So, what’s a developer to do? Here are some ideas of how JavaScript can be used in better ways to trim the fat so to speak. These don’t cover all of the creative ways you might tackle this issue, but they will point you in the right direction.”

Wrong! Our trouble isn’t merely that JavaScript’s abused, but that it’s overapplied.

“1. Wean ourselves from jQuery addiction

“jQuery is a wonderful, time-saving convenience, but it’s overused. Using it for simple tasks is often not necessary with today’s browsers. These kinds of tasks have surprisingly robust native implementations that perform jQuery-style functionalities all by themselves. Stick to native JavaScript whenever possible.”

This won’t happen for awhile, for jQuery’s appeal inheres in not merely its convenience and usefulness, but also its novelty. Developers disposed to use jQuery won’t dispense with it until something just as commodious succeeds it.

“2. Limit surveillance scripts

“Third-party tracking code is responsible for much of the weight gain of the internet. We all know it to be true, yet web developers are still held hostage to clients who insist on loading up their seemingly wonderfully optimized and fast-loading newly designed site with cookies, tracking code. Online marketing companies don’t always realize the weight that elaborate advertising code can cause. If you’re not using it, let it go.”

If “limit” read as “eliminate,” I might agree.

“The moral of the story is that JavaScript is great when used properly. What’s more, it’s here to stay, so we may as well learn to get along with it.”

“BLAH BLAH JavaScript is our lord and savior now and forever; accept its love and providence, heathen BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH.” Whatever!

Here are four tips by which everyone can actually lighten their load:

  1. Don’t use JavaScript as a succedaneum for any of HTML’s elements or attributes thereof, or any function that may be executed more efficiently with CSS or PHP. Nota bene: HTML and CSS are intended and optimized for their respective purposes. If you’re writing JavaScript to replace HTML’s a, img, video or any other block- or text-level elements, you especially deserve the pillory, shitbag.
  2. Never write scripts that enable a server to surveil, track or cryptojack public visitors. If this seems revolutionary, good. Usury and marital infidelity aren’t moral for their legality either.
  3. Stop animating with JavaScript; use embedded videos, GIFs, APNGs, or even MNGs instead.
  4. Don’t be a dunce who renders the title in a user agent’s window caption as a marquee with JavaScript, or anything else.

Per se, JavaScript is a great tool, and in certain ways comparable to firearms, abortion and automobiles: respectively unsurpassed means of self-defense, eugenics and personal transport which have been misused horribly by senseless and sordid people, and consequently prohibited or restricted by governments who’d better serve their societies by stamping out the people who abuse these technologies, and curbing the causes of their pathologies. JavaScript is no different: web bloat won’t cease to exist until societies coerce those who perpetuate it to surcease. Bullycide a web developer today.