Third-wave feminism: exhibit #2

While viewing horrors on Asiancrush, I beheld an advertisement far more ghastly than even the most morbid among that service’s features or shorts:

It’s an amalgamation of clich├ęs:

  • Mannish physiognomies
  • Hideous habiliments
  • Quasi-macho postures
  • Emblematic violence
  • Fatuous smirks

Since when were strong, empowered women so insecurely obsessed with exogenous opinions, averse to sensible discernment and disposed by shallow values to cosmetic surgery? Since the movement was appropriated by covetous, opportunistic political organizations driven by corporate greed, selective vanity, misandry and envy. Popular appeal of social justice to the decerebrate has enabled corporations (esp. those of big pharma and big tech) to co-opt nearly every major leftist movement, shunting to obscurity any dissenters — mostly intellectually alert (if innumerate) socialists.
Not one feminist of the movement’s first generation wouldn’t be appalled by such artifacts of its overt declension.