Purging sense with DadaDodo #1

Here are some highlights from DadaDodo‘s permutation of the most recent Week That Perished by David Cole, et al.:

        The a nation that will tell enable Him to get the
        world's largest suppliers of obtaining IDs for only be
        swiftly commanded; fees as a name (of Covid did some
        Social media flashing their criminal exploits). 
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        smelly ass Uncle Sam.  To prove my pecker, that's just
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        quality tamales: Central Committee, has brought you
        (very much).  Activists aided are being allowed to draw
        King George as required reading in possession of all! 

    I've never been badmouthing Him; to collect those cleaning a
    sucker to profit, because an Instagram influencer told the
    business decision, because enough Social climber be sure, the
    abolition of the poor and daddies are oppressive after hearing
    the armed forces of the children of obtaining IDs lesbians,
    strong the school board meeting to profit, because that great
    Britain, he penned a new Richard was a lot about racist
    oppression!  As Pablo will serve as easy for their arraignment,
    the mountain gorilla.  Apology, senor?  Making themselves
    more of his balls were making themselves an almost as President
    Biden was delayed due to a superstar; Hindu community have his
    ethnicity like: a way to a mountain. 

        Kamala is that once you know, were remained silent or
        parents used in the Army of Us WOKE How can this one. 

        Jeanette Flaim chairwoman of their meddling low IQs. 

        Last week, that runs through our identity Purity
        Act of crunchy comestibles? 

One of say in the commercial, that.  The rage in my inner strength? 

Just don't Blame think to be removed because that portrays I see
that Don't Blame Trump, the test market: and Harry and the

No African albinos are still oppressive incapable of dozens that
contain magical properties.  Last year built upon the case for
children of their meddling testicles. 

Haunting, eh? The fever dream peaks from line 172 through line 259:

For any and corporate Harris as a mountain: gorilla. 

    Last Week. 

    I am char. 

    But was meant absolutely not one: word that whiny racial
    Purity Act of grass, us It's said that great Britain, he
    will continue to be who we ate insects.  Okay, with
    Procter Gamble. 

            We after all who recalls her stuttering elderly
            manservant to read excerpts from Calvert County
            Democrat Central Committee has some the Emma
            realizes That whiny racial Purity Act of KOVID
            was to their testicles.  Emma they decided on
            more than the sparrows, and Bowie Shop Road in
            their exploit weaknesses in a fine Saturday
            afternoon in grade schools, universities
            including Harvard and last of an even once,
            you, a glorified Mad magazine depiction of
            public outdoor defecation.  I'll join the
            candidate or parents should have been
            discovered containing albino in the other like

    They'd be directed by that whiny the company's defining and
    Harris as that the second Calvert County, commissioners
    have to Sundance Without him to hurt sales of KOVID was to
    a to stem either the bone; could possibly facilitate an
    extra Army as Shadow a good luck? 

    Traditionally, African albinos more Grampa?  You sit
    outside savoring the food that billboard overlooking Route
    and that's just because subtlety; don't will serve as they
    simply never seemed to Covid did the reader American could
    just as a glacial sarcophagus to all! 

            As a SCOTUS ruling that battle against Amazon
            anti Semitic, says a victim group of them they
            were arrested.  Not, a good luck charm.  I
            mean that would revolutionize the war make a
            young as to profit, because subtlety, don't in
            had enough (social the bad guy made the few
            remaining areas where the commercial that
            depicted mothers washing dishes). 

            Poison Africans all; having their testicles:
            born every minute and genitals because
            subtlety: don't vote by a motivational speaker,
            he commanded; fees as a fine Saturday afternoon
            in kindergarten the ADL considers anti Cultural
            Appropriation racial Purity Act of bleaching
            creams have been created by the spot for TV
            senora Eva Longoria.  Making it was scooped
            up.  It's almost as surely monitoring the nuclear
            family because that Richard Montanez was Most
            Sagacious, Temptatious, and Harry out of the
            neighbors try to the president's doctor could
            actually did the writer of a glacial
            sarcophagus to lop off by an extra ketchup
            packet at their two mommies, and rigorous. 

            Kamala is true by the sad Frito lay CEO, who,
            recalls her Indian roots!  News the Army
            pandemic welfare cannot be bleeped for an
            Instagram influencer told, the products That
            the obscene and provide a lie, complete make
            the Sierra Club, persuaded her multicultural
            sorority filled with a young woman the Biden
            and a spokesman for voting ecology, so
            confident was mistaken for only be concerned
            sold by the subject of the latter.  Additional
            lumps of Us It's a the story of a Quartz piece,
            inhibits the only be an albino's nose to be
            sold by that I in his lies and all four limbs,
            genitals because enough, the Holocaust. 

            I've never be swiftly commanded fees as eateries
            that has brought you watch the coffers to be
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            Italy.  Activists are apparently Not market, and
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            stated that whiny racial Purity Act of crunchy
            comestibles?  But for The white, enough of
            melanin by the war make a small fact that the
            name of cash while cleaning a bizarre Target. 

I’m still shaken by these revelations, which I hope aren’t legally actionable. Gysin and Burroughs were right.