Egregious ideas: KMMK

A punk band acronymously denominated KMMK (Kellie Martin’s Muddy Kunt) performs weekly for hundreds of fervently adoring, shirtless fans. A B&W printout measuring 7’x7′ of Kellie Martin’s face (see below) is suspended on a metal frame during each set’s first fifteen minutes, then savagely socked, shredded, and thrown to the audience by the band’s frontman at the climax of their hit single, Punchr Fukn Fasin.

Effigy of KMMK
This is one among a variety of black-and-white effigies punched and dilaniated during every performance by KMMK. (I actually have no problem with Kellie Martin; if you can contrive a better phrase for KMMK, let me know.)

Shreds of each show’s printout retained by members of the audience who didn’t flee while doused with excrement egested by the band between sets will be signed by them in exchange for fellatio afterward.