Millennial in the Field

Perhaps the most mortifying character among the largely inane dramatis personae of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus was this bewhiskered, cephalically and facially tattooed geologist, who’d the edgy choler of an embittered teenager in the mid-’90s, navigational ineptitude of a toddler separated from its parent at a shopping mall, and a fauxhawk.

He’s still as discomfiting as flatulation at a public function, but less unrealistic than he was a decade ago because entomologist Brendan Morris exists, and he’s christened a Nicaraguan treehopper after Lady Gaga.

Quoth the overfed entomophile:

If there is going to be a Lady Gaga bug, it’s going to be a treehopper, because they have these crazy horns and a wacky fashion sense about them

Flamboyance wasn’t phenomenal before 1960 1975 1994 2005.

I love outrageous forms and colours. It blows my mind that a group that is roughly 40 million years old has so much diversity of form — diversity, I would argue, that we don’t see in any other family of insects.

Why? Wouldn’t one expect more diversity from a family of such enduring lineage?

‘The frontoclypeus, which is like the face, was shaped totally different.

A legitimate, literate scientist versed in his field’s lexicon might observe that this insect’s frontoclypeus is homologous to a face, and shaped differently.

I’ll assume that his co-author Christopher H. Dietrich authored their article concerning this species, the abstract of which conforms to their field’s clinical (if inelegant) jargon.

Which is the more characteristically Millennial trait: effusion or incompetence?

Stupid Quotes #1: Cinematic hacks spout inanity…

…as a chick lays eggs…

“I love almost all of Stanley Kubrick, there’s almost no Stanley Kubrick I don’t love. I love Lolita, I love Dr. Strangelove. I love A Clockwork Orange, obviously. I even like a lot of Barry Lyndon (laughs). And early stuff, like The Killing and Paths of Glory. […] It’s ridiculous. Look, he made the best comedy ever, he may have made one of the best science fiction movies ever, he made the best horror movie ever. I couldn’t watch the end of The Shining. I went through half The Shining for years before I could finish, because I’m a writer and as soon as he starts writing “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” I had to turn it off.”

–Gary Ross, 2012

“Well, it’s not an ending […] It’s a Come Back Next Week, or in three years. And that upsets me. I go to movies expecting to have a whole experience. If I want a movie that doesn’t end, I’ll go to a French movie. That’s a betrayal of trust to me. A movie has to be complete within itself, it can’t just build off the first one or play variations.”

–Joss Whedon on The Empire Strikes Back, 2013

“Loving a film is like falling in love with a woman or with a man like you never expect it. It it’s not the one you think you will be in love with, you know. You think always that he will be with a beard, and black, and big and finally he’s Chinese and you know it’s the same thing.”

–Luc Besson

“I think video games and that stuff should be as violent as possible, but age-appropriate. It should be realistic. When it’s not realistic you run into kids running around shooting people and not realizing the consequences.”

–Darren Aronofsky

“Everybody knows that the industrialized nations are the worst offenders.”

–Roland Emmerich

“Making films has got to be one of the hardest endeavors known to humankind.”

–Spike Lee

“Stop…stop, that’s the next generation of fans. […] How dare you pass judgment on those 12-year-old girls who like vampires! They need to be encouraged because in six years they’ll be 18-year-old girls who like vampires and are into all sorts of goth-permissive and whatnot. Don’t Poo-poo it. There’s a plan, and it’s working.”

–Kevin Smith

“More than anything, there are more images in evil. Evil is based far more on the visual, whereas good has no good images at all.”

–Lars von Trier

“It’s not easy to strap yourself down to a desk and bash on a keyboard when you know you can direct lots of films, because directing films is fun and interactive and gregarious. Writing isn’t.”

–Guy Ritchie

“I’m so from the Woody Allen/Spike Lee school.”

–M. Night Shyamalan