Cursory Diversion

Confabulating telephonically last night with sweet Annusya, caprice compelled me to read with her a quartet of short chapters from Voltaire’s Philosophical Dictionary. Tux Commander is my preferred file manager in X11, and the means by which I access most files directly. For my inattention, it was still configured to display text files with its internal viewer, which is nice but inadequate for want of textual search. Why I hadn’t months, even a year theretofore reconfigured it is beyond me, but as an expedient while Annusya received a copy of the file, I tapped F4 to invoke the editor and promptly locate the first of those four chapters.

Somehow, I’d forgotten in the intervening years since I last perused text with an editor that most salient of many reasons why pagers are preferable to editors for mere perusal — namely, Leafpad‘s cursor arrested the eye, beckoning me to type:

Anyhow, I later reconfigured Tux Commander to view all files with less via LXTerminal:

Much better!