My Top Ten XEvil Scores

Punching, kicking, gnawing, tearing, torching, shooting, sawing, stabbing, slicing, splattering, exploding my way to eternal, hellish glory

Playlists for cycling, 2023

Compiled music and noise to be heard while pedaling

launch, phase 2

Improved array of programs and documents

How (and How Not) to Endorse Universal Health Care

Better the world by not being an ideological dickhead

Deaths of Members from the Chinese Academies of Engineering and Sciences

Curious, eh?

New Year's Resolutions for 2023

Goals for the new year

How to Have a Happy, Enduring Relationship

It's this simple

Cinematic Coordinates

Locations famously featured in films


Programs galore, launched with panache

Monikers on Mumble

Or, How to Signal That You're Not Ready for Mass Exposure

Debate with lolwut

Two nuclear-grade autists debate copyright and synthesize succedaneous solutions.

Egregious ideas: Spock's Funeral (redux)

Coming eventually to a cringe compilation in your recommended feed, I swear to god.

Barbate/Mustachioed Cera

Should the FBI ever again concentrate on the investigation and apprehension of pedophilic rapists (instead of nonexistent, terroristic white supremacists), their ultimate sleeper agent is waiting.

Recipe for pineapple cake

If you read that far, then

Great quotes #1: Astute auteurs articulate aperçus

As though you didn't already love these geniuses:

Stupid Quotes #1: Cinematic hacks spout inanity

Those who can't shoot shouldn't speak.

Ten reviews of zero albums by Robert Christgau

Imagine being a reviewer of popular music who's so witty that you forgot to review scores of the albums that you were assigned whilst composing your Attical facetiae. Then imagine that you weren't actually witty in the first place.

Egregious ideas: Orchestral Pop!

Something like this was probably published, so I notionally hate it.

"-like a train wreck," I opined.

The future is fat for Mrs. Lawrence. Also, I expounded on my position in the ecosystem of profitable feminist grievance.

Roger Ebert Reviews (Without Viewing) Hellbound

29 years ago, Roger Ebert didn't watch Hellraiser's sequel, then penned a characteristically sloppy, contemptuous, ignorant review of it that was published nationally, and for which he was paid. Four years after this bloated moron finally expired, I'm still incensed over it.

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